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Updated: Aug 4, 2020

My current rates are:




On tour: add 50.

What trends are you seeing with rates these days? What's average? Do you see rates increasing or decreasing?

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I think it depends on location and how much the "competition" charges but here in MN prices do keep slowly rising which does boost the business for the ladies under 300. I do notice that after a girl does raise rates they tend to give more specials like they made a mistake, but they would never lower them back down, that would make them look bad.

Me gusta

I would have to agree with you on that the high-end SW are definitely going up in rates kind of drastically tot be honest. On the other hand when you do advertise yourselves like crazy you do have to be able to sift out the con men and whack jobs to get down to the more honest clients especially in the new client division. Unfortunately for a working-class guy like me who doesn't make a whole lot of money in and quite frankly kind of hard to save up for a very lengthy and counter it can be troublesome to see those ladies.

Me gusta

26 may 2019

Regarding rates, I think they have gone up a bit at the mid plus part of the market. The higher end of the market has gone up more significantly. I think this is the fallout from FOSTA SESTA in that its harder to shop and advertise in the marketplace. I believe many SWers (mostly lower end) havent figured out how to effectively market and are cut out , thus creating shortage in the that part of the marketplace. The sharper, higher end SWers have it figured out and are taking it to the bank. Just my opinion. Love to hear what others are thinking.

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