Please visit TER to find more than 200 customer reviews for me!

Or, scroll down for a small sample.  Because TER was unavailable in the US for a couple of years, I posted screenshots of my reviews here.

On the first page you can see my review averages.  The maximum amount of points I can receive are:

Looks: 10

Performance 9 (used to be 10, now 9 is the max)

Chemistry 5

Location 5

You can can see that this is me because my website and twitter address are listed here. 


The next page shows a screenshot of my most recent reviews.  You can tell these numbers are typical because of my averages.



The final 2 pages are screenshots of the top 100 providers in San Diego, or at least the top 10-20 that are shown here. The big one is a couple years old but you can see all of the data.  The little one I just took today, 5/1/2020.  I'm only showing me so I won't give away any secrets. I thought it would be okay to show the old one.  Sorry about the blurry condition.  Positions change based on averages, but I was at least one of the top 10 to 12 for most of my years as a provider.

I want you to have the best time ever!  And I feel like my reviews reflect that exceeding your expectations is what I strive to do.

Another great review site is Private Delights (PD).  Providers have a chance to verify that the reviews are authentic, so it can also be used for screening screening, too. 

Here are screenshots of my Private Delights reviews.  These are all of my PD reviews as of 5/1/2020 with the oldest first and the most recent last.


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