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I have received very good reviews.  I think it is important for you to know this so you can feel confident about choosing to meet with me!  I'm not a natural beauty. But I'm down to earth and passionate about intimacy! I try to learn what makes you happy, to exceed your expectations, and to have a fantastic time!


I have posted screenshots of my reviews here.

I have removed my individual reviews from TER. You can still find my doubles reviews there.  On the first page you can see my TER review averages.  The maximum amount of points I can receive are:

Looks: 10

Performance 9 (used to be 10, now 9 is the max) What I mean is that I can only get a high score of 9.  Some ladies are eligible for a 10.  I can explain in person, or ask TER, but when you see a 9 for performance, that's the highest I was allowed.  

Chemistry 5

Location 5

You can can see that this is me because my website and twitter address are listed here. 


The next page shows a screenshot of my most recent reviews.  You can tell these numbers are typical because of my averages.




The final 2 pages are screenshots of the top 100 list for San Diego and for Chicago.  My position fluxuated, but I was always one of the top 10 in both cities.  

IMG_9627 (1).jpg

Private Delights cancelled my account after it was hacked and they won't reopen it.  I've tried a few times and i'll try again.  I'm glad I got the screenshots, but unless it mentions my name, there's no proof that it's my review.  These ARE my reviews though.  All of them.  I didn't leave a single review out.  You can at least see that they are consistant with my averages.

All of my Private Delights reviews were 5 stars out of 5.


IMG_5342 (1).jpg

So, that just leaves Erotic Monkey and ECCIE.  I don't know much about ECCIE.  I don't know if I have reviews there or not.  I probably do.  And Erotic Monkey is full of fake reviews.   Many of the people who give me luke warm reveiws NEVER SAW ME.  There are SO many fakes there.  I'm going to guess that at least 1 out of 4 is fake.  How do I know?  Well because, they include details that are completely wrong.  Some examples are, seeing me in a condo, when I'm always in a house or hotel, going upstairs at a time when I'd lived in a single story house for years, mentioning a red satin comforter, which I never had, and things like that.  

Even though you can't count on them all being real, there are enough of them that you must know that there are plenty of real ones.

One more thing I'd like to add here.  Providers and clients aren't allowed to be on P411 if they have complaints about things like upchargning, not looking like their photos, or frequent cancelations.  I've been a member there for more than 10 years.  I recommend joining yourself if you know you are a good client, and you see at least 3 or 4 people per year.  It really is for the "preferred" people, but it costs about 180 per year, I think.  

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