TER is back up now.  You can go there to see my reviews, my position on the top 100 list for San Diego, and read and participate on their boards.  If you're new, check out the newbies board. 

Here are screenshots of some of my TER info.

On the first page you can see my review averages. For appearance the score is out of a possible 10.  For performance, a 10 was a perfect score for several years, then they changed the rules, and the type of session I provided (GFE) could only receive a 9 as the highest score. The one 10 I got was because there were two men at once.  For chemistry and location, a perfect score would be 5.

You can verify that these photos and reviews belong to ME, because you can see my website address and my twitter address. 


The next page shows a screenshot of my most recent reviews.  You can tell these numbers are typical because of my averages.  

The final page is a screenshot of the top 100 providers in San Diego, or at least the top 20-30.  In this screenshot I'm in position #7 out of 100.  Positions changed based on current averages, but I was at least one of the top 10 to 12 for several years. I had a total of 214 reviews, so my averages are very solid.

Sorry about the blurry condition. 

I want you to know that this is a REAL job for me.  I want to understand you.  I know you are unique.  I want to know what a perfect fantasy is for you, and make that happen!  

Sharing these reviews with you is my way of telling you that you can feel confident about choosing me.  I will strive to exceed your expectations every single time!

Now that TER is gone, I think the best place to find reviews is on Private Delights.  There are also reviews on Erotic Monkey, but there are many fake reviews there and they won't remove them when they are identified as fakes.

Here are screenshots of my Private Delights reviews. 


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