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Current tour rates:






Current discounted prepaid tour rates:






Basic rates for Chicago






Discounted prepaid rates for Chicago





Out call (usually not available on tour):
-ADD $50.00 plus cover any parking fees, please (okay to reimburse in person or the following day).
-1.5 hour minimum.
-0 to 90 minute drive: 1.5 hour minimum (Chicago, Midway and O'Hare, Madison, Milwaukee) 
-90 minute to 2 hour drive: 2 hour minimum
-2 to 3 hour drive: 3 hour minimum

Deposit or prepayment for all on tour

-Either a deposit plus cash in person, or a discounted a prepayment is required on tour from everyone. 
-The deposit will be $100 for less than three hours.  3 hours and longer will require a 25% deposit. 

Prepaid appointments, deposits, and cancelations

-If you need to cancel your prepaid appointment either at home or on tour, as long as it's done more than four hours in advance, your prepayment may be applied to a future appointment.  

Cancelations within 4 hours result in the loss of the prepayment, and will incur a 400$ charge for others.

-If you cancel without rescheduling, you will forfeit your deposit or prepayment.  

-People who choose to pay a deposit only on tour will forfeit the deposit if they cancel.  -If I am more than 30 minutes late, I'll give you the option to still meet a little later, reschedule for another time, or be refunded your deposit or prepayment.  Usually refunds happen right away, but they might take up to 2 weeks.

-If I need to reschedule an entire tour or city due to an unavoidable situation (weather, illness, etc.), both deposits and prepayments will be applied to the rescheduled tour asap. Apppointments will be rescheduled and refunds will not be given in this situaton.  

For northern Illinois and Wisconsin (home base)
A deposit (or discounted prepayment) is required for our first meeting. 
No deposit required for:  ALL returning clients, ALL p411 members with 2 okays or more, and some rs2k members (longer than one year). 
Two hour dinner date special:
-Dinner off the clock followed by 2 hours! No extra cost! 
-Out call rates. (800 or 700 prepaid).
-Not always available, especially on tour.
Swingers Club
-2 hour/1000minimum.  3 hours + recommended.  Times flies here  Two hours will seem like a short time!
-Dinner off the clock first optional. 
-For more information see the entertainment page.  There IS a swinger's club in Chicagoland!
Extended hours:
-25% Deposit required for all appointments 3 hours and longer, or prepay for the discount. 
-3 Hours:  1000 (prepaid 900)
-4 Hours: 1300 (prepaid 1200)
-5 Hours: 1600 (prepaid 1500) 
Overnight or all day, or FMTY (fly me to you):


-Starting with dinner and ending after breakfast: up to 14 hours

-Overnight with dinner and no breakfast: 12 hours

-Overnight only: 10 hours

-5 or 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep is requested.  


-Breakfast through dinner: up to 14 hours

-5 or 6 hours of social time is requested, like sight-seeing, attending an event, or some other activity. Even watching a movie or 

-Deposit plus cash: $500 deposit plus $2000 cash, $2500 total.  
-Prepaid: 2000
-Plus travel fees which include airfare, uber/taxi or rental car, and hotel.  This is paid upfront with deposit plus cash, or may be paid in person for prepaid meetings.  
-3500 24 hours (prepaid 3000)
-4500 48 hours (prepaid 4000)
-10,000 for one week of travel (9000 prepaid)
We can accept payments on Venmo, Cash app, and Zelle.  If you want to pay a deposit only, I can accept an amazon gift card.   Snail mail for money orders is acceptable when it's used at least 2 weeks ahead of time.  Please don't send money until you are asked to.  
Your investment is safe
I've been accepting prepayments and deposits for 6 or 7 years now.  I used to have a 25% canceltion rate even though everyone had to have two references or more.  Now that I get deposits and prepayments, my cancelation rate is less that 5%.  
I don't want to take your money.  I don't need to.  I have a successful and very fun business!  What I want is for you to have an awesome time, and to come back again and again!
Marshmallow and Truffle disclaimer 
Marshmallow and Truffle will be coming on the tours.  They are really good.  Most people don't know they are there.  I will ask you to ignore them until we are finished to reinforce their training.  It's possible that there might be some barking in the first 60 seconds, but they will go to sleep if you ignore them, I promise. 
Cindy is at the Rainbow Bridge now.  RIP Cindy Sue. 


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