Chicago and Milwaukee, home base:
I am excited to offer you two new rates to choose from!  You can either pay a higher rate in person, or you can choose to pre-pay a discounted and nonrefundable rate.  It's entirely up to you. 
I add an extra $15 to cover half of my processing fees.  Once your screening is complete and we have a day and time that works for us, I will send you a link for a secure and very discrete payment.
My place (In Call):
1 hour, pre-paid 350 or 400 in person (Most of the time 90 minutes is the minimum for in call and out call).
1.5 hours, pre-paid 475 or 550 in person
2 hours, pre-paid 600 or 700 in person
3 hours, pre-paid 925 or 1050 in person
Dinner plus 2 hours, pre-paid 650 or 750 in person for in call or out call.  That's right!  Dinner is completely off the clock when you book 2 hours or longer. 
Your place (Out Call):
Just add 50 for almost anywhere in Illinois or Wisconsin!  Parking is like 40 downtown, so if you would like to cover my parking downtown, that would be nice. 
Additional hours 350.  The prepaid discount is increasingly higher.
*BEST VALUE: Dinner date only $700!  Lunch or dinner OFF THE CLOCK when you book two or more hours!  This is an unusually low rate for this activity with someone who has reviews like mine.  I'm not bragging, I'm just sayin'!  I do this because I like doing this.  I like  having a chance to get to know you over a nice meal.  It makes the evening feel more natural.
-2000 pre-paid or 2500 at the door! FOR OVERNIGHT OR ALL DAY!  This is another hard to beat rate for this activity. 
-Dinner through breakfast, or breakfast through dinner, 14 hours or so, six hours of uninterrupted sleep at night
or non-intimate activity time during the day required (approximately).
3000 24 hours
4000 48 hours
2000 or 2500 for overnight plus airfare, car fare, and hotel. 
For more information see the entertainment page.  There IS a swinger's club in Chicagoland, and I'm dying to try it out!
400/H, 2H minimum
*I WON'T EXTEND THE APPOINTMENT AFTER YOU ARRIVE.  Please decide before you get there how long you want to stay and keep an eye on the time. 
*Also, if you want to take a 20 minute shower and take another 10 to gather your belongings, you really need to book an extra half an hour.  If you don't want to book extra time, one FIVE MINUTE shower upon arrival (required) and another five minute shower before you leave (optional) are appropriate. 
-When required, a deposit is paid in the amount of $100 for each hour booked.
-Deposits are required for:
     -First time clients (for me) without two strong references.
     -Clients who have cancelled appointments in the past.  
     -Appointments longer than 2 hours.
     -ALWAYS ON TOUR, except for returning clients and p411 members.  
Chicago and Milwaukee areas:
Please cover the cost of at least 1 hour if you cancel within FOUR hours of our meeting.  
On Tour:
Please cover the cost of at least one hour if you cancel within 24 hours of my first day on tour in that city.  For example, if I will be on tour from January 10th through January 15th, we are scheduled to meet on January 15th, if you cancel any time from January 9th through January 15th you will need to pay for 1 hour.  If you cancel within 4 hours you'll be responsible for 100%.
What is most important to me is for you to have a great time and to keep coming back.  You can trust me with your deposits!  If there is an emergency and I have to cancel, I'll return you deposit right away.  If I am running late, I will give you an opportunity to meet later, reschedule, or cancel for an immediate refund. 
Cindy is my 13 year old pomeranian-chihuahua mix dog.  She is a legal service dog and comes with me on all of my tours and most of my out calls. People love her and often stop us to get a quick photo because she's darn cute in her stroller.  She's well-traveled and well-trained.  After she greets you, she will stay in her designated spot, or in her stroller for an out call, for as long as she is supposed to.  You'll forget she's there.  Any reviews that mention her all say how quiet and good she is.