-When required, a deposit is paid in the amount of $100 for each hour booked.
-Deposits are required:
     -For first time clients without two strong references
     -For clients who have cancelled appointments in the past.  
     -For appointments longer than 2 hours
     -ALWAYS ON TOUR, except for returning clients and p411 members.  
San Diego:
In San Diego, please cover the cost of at least 1 hour if you cancel within FOUR hours of our meeting.  
On Tour:
Please cover the cost of at least one hour if you cancel within 24 hours of my first day on tour in that city.  For example, if I will be on tour from January 10th through January 15th, we are scheduled to meet on January 15th, if you cancel any time from January 9th through January 15th you will need to pay for 1 hour.  If you cancel within 4 hours you'll be responsible for 100%.
Thank you
When it's possible, I'll apply your deposit to a future appointment if you have to cancel.  That's usually not possible when you cancel within 4 hours and it's often not possible on tour. 
What is most important to me is for you to have a great time and to keep coming back.  You can trust me with your deposits!  If there is an emergency and I have to cancel, I'll return you deposit right away.
FYI, I probably get deposits 25% of the time.  There's never been a complaint from anyone ever about how I handle deposits. 
*If it's our first time to meet, 1.5 or 2 hours is preferred.
*Sorry, but I won't extend the date after you arrive.  Please decide how long you'd like to stay before you arrive. 
My place (In Call):
In call
350/H mimumum
Additional hours 300
Your place (Out Call):
Out Call 0-30 miles:
550/1.5H miniumum
Additional hours 300
Add 50 for 30-60 miles
Lunch or dinner followed by 2H-700, your place or mine.
300 each additional hour
Lunch or dinner plus 2H on tour: 750
New York City, add 50.  
Please take $50 off if you qualify for one of these discounts (only one at a time, sorry)!
-REGULAR CLIENT:  If our last meeting was less than 90 days ago.
-BIRTHDAY BOY:  If it's your birthday within 30 days of the day we meet.
-MY HERO:  If you are in the military, a fire fighter, or a police officer (references are always required), active duty, reserves, or retired, as long as you have a valid ID.
-ANIMAL LOVERS If you have adopted a mixed-breed dog or cat instead of purchasing one from a pet store or breeder.  You must have the pet for at least 60 days, be it's forever-owner, and please come see me withing 6 months of the adoption. 
COMING SOON:  Soon my rates will be going up to 400/H.  When they do, there will be one more discount available for LONG-TERM CLIENTS.  If we have met more than 10 times, you'll qualify for an additional $50 discount.  This will be the only one you can use in combination with another, the REGULAR CLIENT discount.  So, if we've met more than 10 times and the last time was within 90 days, you can take $100 off!  
-2000 overnight or all day 
-Dinner through breakfast, or breakfast through dinner, 14 hours or so, six hours of uninterrupted sleep at night or non-intimate activity time during the day required (approximately).
3000 24 hours
4000 48 hours
2000 for overnight plus airfare, car fare, and hotel. 
For more information see the entertainment page.
2H minimum for Thad's
3H minimum for Freedom Acres
Cindy is a 12 year old pomeranian-chihuahua mix.  Cindy is a legal service dog and comes with me on all of my tours and most of my out calls. People love her and often stop us to get a quick photo because she's darn cute in her stroller.  She's SO well-traveled and well-trained.  After she greets you, she will stay in her designated spot as long as she is supposed to.  You'll forget she's there.  Any reviews that mention her all say how quiet and good she is. 


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