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Take advantage of these very low, pre-semi-retirement rates!  All of the rates are lower and the usual $100 deposit is now only $50!  I'll be leaving the Northern Illinois/Wisconsin area in 2-3 months and I might not be back.  See my tour page for a list of cities I'll be visiting once more for sure.  After that, I might not tour those cities again either.  

PREPAID rates / Regular rates (cash or deposit plus cash)

350/H - 400/H

450/1.5 - 500/1.5H

550/2H - 600/2H

750/3H - 800/3H 

1 hour entertainment opportunities:


-Role Plays


1.5 hours or longer opportunities:


-Role Plays



-Photos and Videos

-Wardrobe request




Out call (not available on tour):​

-ADD $50.00, plus cover any parking fees, please (10-70 in Chicago).
-1.5 hour minimum (Longer minimums with longer drives)
Deposit or prepayment in the Northern Illinois/Wisconsin area
-$50 deposit for 1-2 hours from all first time visitors with a few exceptions.
-No deposit required in Northern Illinois/Wisconsin for Returning clients, P411 members with 2 okays or more, and some RS2K members 
-25% deposit required for 3 hours or longer from everyone -in lieu of a deposit, prepaying a discounted rate is always an option.  
Deposit or prepayment is required from all on tour
-$50deposit for 1-2 hours
-25 % required for 3 H or longer
-or prepay for a discounted rate
Two hour dinner date special (not available on tour):
-Dinner off the clock followed by 2 hours! No extra cost! 
-Out call rates apply
Swingers Club
-2 hour/1000minimum.  3 hours + recommended.  
-Dinner off the clock first optional. 
All day or all night
-25% Deposit required, or prepay for the discount.
-12-14 hours if Dinner and breakfast are included.
-6 hours of sleep or social time included
-$500 deposit plus $1500 cash, total $2000, or prepay $1750
-plus airfare, car fare and dog sitter fees when required to be paid in advance


Payments can be made on Venmo, Cash app, and Zelle.  If you want to pay a deposit only, an amazon gift card is also acceptable.   Snail mail can be used to send checks and money orders when it's used at least 2 weeks ahead of time.  Please don't send money until you are asked to.  
If you cancel at home:
-your deposit or prepayment will be applied to a new appointment
-if you cancel without rescheduling you will forfeit your deposit or prepayment.
-cancelations within 4 hours incur a $350 cancelation fee.
If you cancel on tour:
-more than 48 hours in advance your prepayment will be applied to a rescheduled appointment.  A deposit only will be forfeited.
-within 48 hours there will be a $350 cancelation fee
-same day cancelations will be responsible for the full amount.
If I need to cancel:
-at home or on tour, or if I'm more than 30 minutes late, you can come a little later, reschedule, or receive a refund.
-If I need to cancel the entire city due to an unavoidable situation, your deposit or prepayment will be applied to a rescheduled appointment.  There won't be refunds for rescheduled tours.  
Your investment is safe.  I don't want or need to take your money one time.   What I want is for you to have an awesome time, and to come back again and again!  Your prepaid appointments are guaranteed.  If you need to cancel, you'll have a credit with me until we can reschedule. Clients with excessive cancelations or who ignore my attempts to reschedule may eventually lose their credit. 
Marshmallow and Truffle
Marshmallow and Truffle are small dogs (see photos below), and will be present except for on out calls at home. If you don't like them, or if you are annoyed with them or with me for bringing them, please don't let me know it.  If you are annoyed with us, I will be annoyed right back at you and that will be the end of what might have been awesome chemistry between us. 
Cindy is at the Rainbow Bridge now.  RIP Cindy Sue. 


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