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-Single women, too.  

-The rate for a couple is the same as individual rates!  Why?  Because I love playing with couples! 


*If this is only her first or second time, I will need to speak with both of you on speaker phone.  I want to address how to avoid potential pitfalls.  


I'm an experienced Tantric practitioner and have attended tantric priestess training.   This is a slow-paced, sensual session.  Focus is on sharing male/female sexual and romantic energy, moving sexual energy through the body, using sexual energy to manifest changes in your life, help with ED and premature ejaculation, and to have wonderful, full body orgasms.


When available

There is a swingers club in Chicago!  This was a very popular sensual adventure in San Diego.  


From mild to wild, top or bottom, Mistress Freya will create a perfect scene for you!  (Visit the Mistress Freya page for more info).

Your adventure will begin as soon as your screening is complete and your appointment is booked!  I will send you a detailed questionnaire for you to complete along with pre-appointment insructions for you!  *Only available with pre-bookings.  Please request if it isn't offered.

I offer BDSM instruction to individuals and couples.  

*Although I have plenty of BDSM experiences, most of my clients are more traditional.  Don't worry if this doesn't appeal to you.  I promise, I won't accidentally provide you with a BDSM scene!  If you don't specifically ask for something else, I will assume you're looking for something traditional, which is mostly what I do.


I do all kinds of role plays, and I enjoy them all.  Role plays are a way for adults to play.  See MISTRESS FREYA for specific RP ideas.



VIAGRA:  Want to learn more?  Just let me know.  1.5H minimum. 



Do you have questions?  I have some answers!  Let me start by saying, 

I am NOT a party girl, and unless we have plans to explore, I will not be high on anything.  Not even pot or alcohol.  But, a lot of people who come to see me are interested in trying new things, all kinds of new things.  I am in the business of fulfilling fantasies.  I want to know what your fantasies are, and I will do my best to bring them to life for you.  I might join you.  It depends on  my plans the following day.  There's a 3H minimum and we might need to plan this a week or more in advance.  You pay for 3+  hours, but plan for longer.  Plan for all night (in the guest room for sleep).



I am still meeting people in Illinois and on tour.  I will work with any lady you choose who is interested in working with me.


You are welcome to not only take photos, but video, too.  I'm open to your ideas and I'm eager to deliver the scene you have been imagining.  (Don't be stupid about this or you will be blocked.  Why would I risk my health or reputation)?


We can have lunch or dinner off the clock when you book 2 hours or longer!  This is a popular choice.  Please pre-book.  This might not be available on tour.


-I promise that my photos are current and I will look like my photos when we meet.  See twitter for frequent posts. 

-I promise that I will not be intoxicated in any way when we meet.  If you want to drink or smoke, that's fine with me.  The only exception would be if you and I decided ahead of time to try something together (3H minimum).

-I promise that I will not engage in any unprotected sex if we are shooting a sex scene.  I don't do this.  Ever.  I don't care if you have recent tests or if you're willing to pay extra.   


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