If you are experienced, you can just skip to the appointment request form, complete it and submit it.  My new booking agent, Brandy, will complete the screening and booking for us. 


Check my  tour schedule  before completing the form to see when I will be in your city.  I'm happy to add you to my contact list for your city and notify you a week or two before I come.  Just let me know if you want me to do that.

If you're kind of new, please read this page.  It will help you learn how to protect yourself and make wise investments, in addition to booking appointments with more selective providers.  



I'm flattered and excited that you are interested in meeting with me!  First, I'm going to tell you how you can tell I am safe to see and worth your money, then I will explain how you can show me that you are someone I wan't to spend time with.  If you can prove to me that you're safe and reliable, then I REALLY do want to see you! 








I have many excellent reviews written by real clients who have hired me.  See what they have to say visiting the links below:

Private Delights:

I love Private Delights (PD)!  I am able to verify that the reviews are real and that I actually met with the author.  Other providers can use that to screen their future clients. If you're not familiar with PD, take a look at it. 


-Click on the link above to see my profile.

-Click on reviews.

-Then click on the reviewer.  


You can see that that most of the reviewers have written other reviews which have also been confirmed by other ladies.  Also, every lady on the site must be verified first by having a p411 membership (all are verfied) or reviews on another site.

Erotic Monkey:

Erotic Monkey or EM has the most reviews, but some of them are fake and they won't remove the fake ones.  The reason some people will write fake reviews is because they are given free VIP status when they write one.  So, naturally some people will cheat.  It's a really bad policy for them to not remove reviews when they are identified as fakes. 


Eros Guide 

Many clients think that Eros "verifies" that providers are legit.  NO.  They check and ID to confirm the age.  If it says "verified provider" that means they sent in a selfie with a sign that says EROS and they are the lady in the photos.  

Preferred 411

Preferred 411, or P411 is the best screening site there is.  But it costs money.  You need to have two referrals from verified providers to become a member.  All providers have at least 2 verified reviews.  If anyone has complaints about bad behaviour, like charging more than what's advertised or not looking like their photos, they won't be allowed on the site.


Be safe:

Try googling your providers email address, phone number, or stage name to see what she has to show she's legit.  Please make sure that whoever you see has some reviews for your own safety.  Avoid common problems like:


-The lady doesn't look like her photos anymore.

-The lady is not the model in the pictures at all.

-Upselling, You are asked to pay more money for what you assumed was included.

-Total rob/rip off by the lady or someone she works with. 

If it seems to good to be true, it probably is!


Luckily, I got screenshots of my recent TER reviews before the site suddenly went down and I have them here for you to view.  I had an average above 9 out of 10 from more than 200 reviews.  I've also added my Private Delights reviews here, all 5s so far (as of today, 7/23/19).  See for yourself. 


Think about how you would feel if your mom, sister, daughter, or another woman you care about decided to work as an erotic model and meet privately with strangers.  Wouldn't you want her to make every effort to be safe?  And, what do YOU want?  Do you want to be with a professional model who has standards and takes care of herself?  If so, then we might be a good match.


Some newbies make the mistake of thinking that because they are good-looking, I should want to see them, or maybe they think I won't want to see them if they aren't.  Let me assure you that what I find attractive in a man is reliability, respectability, and good hygiene.  I have no age or racial preferences.  When you meet me, you will know this is TRUE. I LOVE my clients! 

Part of why I love my job and my clients so much is because I'm very selective about who I see.  I will see newbies at my in call in San Diego, but on tour, clients must have at least one reference from a verifiable provider.  If they don't have that, I will accept a membership with and a deposit.

Common newbie mistakes:


-Over communicating between appointments.

-Haggling over rates.

-Not respecting boundaries (having to be told "no" about ANYTHING more than once.  This includes during the screening and booking process).

-Arriving late (more than 15 minutes).

-Staying too long after time is up.

-Canceling late or not showing up at all.  (See cancellation policy)

Less common:

-Poor hygiene.

-Disrespectful or rough conduct.

     *Never be rough, rude, or scary!  Communicate!  Err on the side of caution.  Start off slow          and easy and increase gradually.  

How should you start?:

-Never mention anything illegal or sexual.

As soon as you do that I will tell you you have to go someplace else.

*Complete my appointment request form.

I recently solved most of these problems by creating my appointment request form and by hiring my booking agent to do the screening for me.


With other providers, keep this in mind:







     What's up


     I want to see you

 -Be an adult and Introduce yourself by name.  Tell them which city you are in when you contact them.

-Tell them respectfully what you want (nothing sexual). 

-Tell them what day and time you want to meet, how long of a session you want, and if it      will be in call or out call.

-Tell them if you have references from other providers.

Example: Hi Freya,  This is Johnny Walker.  I saw your ad on Private Delights and I'd like to know if we can meet when you're in DC.  Almost any morning before 12 works for me.  I have references if you need them.


I have learned that serious clients tend to do these things, EVEN THE NEWBIES.   Pretty much everything else should be discussed face to face.

*Please keep in mind that if I interpret any of your behavior as disrespectful or threatening, I will end the session and keep the money.  This has happened four times in nine years.  If you have any questions about boundaries just ask (remember that I will not discuss sex acts).


Please complete the appointment request form when you're ready.


There are four ways we can do your screening:

1. If you have 2 or more verified reviews on PD (Private Delights), we can use that for screening.  In order for that to work, you must contact me from the email address or phone number that's visible on you PD account, or send me a "screening request" from your PD account.  


2.  The most common way to be screened is for you to provide me with 2 references from other providers/erotic models.  Give me the names of and contact information for models you've seen before.  I will contact them and if they recommend you, we are all set.  I have minimum requirements for providers I will accept a reference from (P411 or 10 reviews). 

3.  If you don't have a reference, you can join a screening site called  RS-AVS costs 65$ for a lifetime membership plus a one time application fee of 20$, I think.  

4.  If you want to see me at my in call in San Diego, I can try to do screening myself if it is EASY and you are FORTHCOMING WITH THE INFORMATION I NEED.  I'll need a copy of your ID, a selfie of you doing something specific, and get a deposit.  

5.  Or, I can refer you to a model who might see you without a reference, then you can come see me later and use her as a reference (in San Diego only).

*If you don't have an actual reference:

 Without an actual reference or the equivalent, I will need a copy of your ID, a selfie,  and a deposit.  I can see you at my in call in San Diego.  On tour, you'll need to have at least one reference or a membership with, a screening site, and a deposit.


The discussion boards on TER were where everyone went to learn.  There was a newbies board, a legal board, and many other options.  It's more difficult for new clients and models to learn their way around.  I hope my website will help you.


If you are a newbie, and we are not a good match at this time, please don't take it personally! Instead of just ignoring newbies, I'm trying  to explain how things work. I hope you will try to learn from my website, begin to verify models by reading reviews, have fun safely, and come back to see me once you have gained some experience and references. 


-My place (IN CALL):

I will ask everyone to shower again upon arrival.  I have a hand held shower head.  It's very easy to use a good amount of SOAP AND WATER on the COCK and the PUBIC AREA above the cock, BALLS,  the BUTT, and underarms.  Get a whole handful of soap.  If you don't wear deodorant, no offense, but you probably should.  Apply deodorant at my house after your shower.  Many people forget the ass and the pubic area, or don't use soap, just water.  I think a lot of people just don't realize that perspiration, gas, or dribbling urine just on the ride over can create way more odor than they realize, and there are a few who have noticeable body odor even when they are dressed, all the time.  Do you know that we are the last ones to smell ourselves when we have body odor?


-Your place (OUT CALL) : 

Please shower right before our meeting, using a good amount of SOAP on your cock, balls, pubic area above your cock, butt, and underarms.  Use deodorant.  


I may not always say something, but believe me, I know when someone took a shortcut.  And why do so many people try to sneak by this with me?  It's embarrassing for both of us, because if I smell anything besides soap, I will ask you to wash better or skip certain GFE activities. 




I promise I will always be fresh from the shower.  I rinse quickly and discretely when I arrive at your place.



Lay the money down in an obvious place when you first come in, every time.  Even if you'be been here many times, I want to receive it at the BEGINNING.  I was straight up ripped off by someone I'd seen before when I didn't get the money first.  I will count it.  Please don't make me ask for it.  Some people think this is rude.  Maybe some people haven't been ripped off by people they trusted.  It's also part of my routine.  When I don't get it first, we might both forget.








Thank you so much for taking the time to read through my etiquette and screening page.  If you still have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.



I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


Cindy is my small service dog.  She has been with me on every tour and out call.  There are few exceptions.  After she greets you she will be in her designated spot and you will forget she's there.  If she were any kind of a problem I wouldn't bring her. 

My favorite kind of man is experienced in the hobby, polite, and respectful! 


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