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If I replied with only a link to this page, you might have sent me a message like this:




"I want to see you"

"available now"

...or something along these lines.  I don't reply to messages like that.  I expect people to introduce themselves and tell me what they want.  It seems silly for me to have to coax that information out of a person a question at a time.  And besides, people who start like this practically never actually book an appointment, at least not with me.


-Never mention anything illegal or sexual.

As soon as you do that I will tell you you have to go someplace else then block you.


1.  Hi Freya,  This is Johnny Walker.  I saw your ad on Tryst and I'd like to know if we can meet for lunch plus 2 hours when you're in DC.  Almost any weekday will work for me. 

2.  Hi, this is Steve.  I'm new to this, so I hope I'm doing it right.  I'd like to meet with you for 2 hours on Saturday in Des Moines.  Are you available?  Is it okay if I take photos?

3.  Hi Freya!  This is Joe Smith.  I saw that you do role plays and I've always wanted to try that!  Do you have any available time left in Philadelphia? 


This is a long page.  If you're experienced, I have labeled the content so you can scroll through the topics and read what you want to, or just skip to the appointment request form.   My booking agent, Daphne, will complete the screening and booking for our first meeting.  For subsequent meetings, just text or email me.


If you're kind of new, please read this page completely before filling out the

appointment request form.  You'll learn how to protect yourself, make wise investments, and how to open doors with more selective providers.


Please know that there are times when I'm so busy with my "other" life that I don't answer modeling messages for 2 or 3 days.  There are also times when deleting 100 spam messages, a real one gets accidentally deleted.  Please send another message.  Be patient. And plan ahead, because I hardly ever do same day appointments. 


If I decide not to see you, I will tell you why.  I'm sure I've made some people angry because of that, but my rationale is that if I tell you why there was a red flag with me, you can move forward with a new awareness and hopefully become a great client for someone else.  

I wont waste time trying to "fix" things.  Figure things out before you contact me.  Inappropriate conduct, or red flags of ANY KIND results in being blocked.  I know that sometimes it's just a misunderstanding, but I don't take chances. 



First, I'm going to tell you how you can tell I am a safe and wise investment, then I will explain how I'll know you are safe, too. 


These sites are well-known sites that can be used for finding a provider, checking reviews and/or screening:






It doesn't really matter where you find the lady you want to meet, as long as you do some research to make sure she's real.


I had to submit my ID and selfie here.  I don't know how much they verify.  I get many of my clients from here, maybe half.   


This is probably the BEST and SAFEST choice you can make.  I probably get about 1/3 of my clients from here.  EVERYONE is verified.  Men submit an ID and their work is verified.  Women must legit reviews or references from other P411 members.  If members have complaints, for example upselling,  frequent cancelations, or not looking like their photos, their memberships will be revoked.  For this reason, P411 clients are the best clients.  When I book an appointment with a P411 member, I am 95% sure they will show up and everyting will be great.  It's about 189 per year for men, I think.  If you want an invitation, let me know.  I'll be happy to invite you.


Room Service 2000 is another screening service that's been around since I started more than 10 years ago.  For men it costs 100 for the first year and 25 per year after that.  They also screen like P411 for clients.  Women can use them to verify the client.  Any negative reports will passed on.  Ladies advertise there.  It's growing, but has been mainly local to Chicago.  So providers in other states may not know how to use it yet.  It's a great service and I recommend them. 


has tons of fake reviews, but often ladies who have no TER reviews will have reviews here.  Even though at least 1/3 and maybe even half of these reviews are fake,  if someone has 30 reviews or more, they should be legit.

Eros Guide: 

Many clients think that "Eros Verified" means that providers are legit.  No, it doesn't mean that.  If the provider is "verified" on Eros, that means the provider sent in a selfie with a sign that says EROS and the date and they look like the person in the photos.  Which is great thing to know, but it doesn't mean they are good providers or even that they are providers at all, really.  It doesn't mean the person in the photo is the person you will see.   In fact, a lot of people believe half of eros providers are fake.  

TER and PD

These are are review sites.  I am no longer on these sites but you can find screenshots of my reviews on my review page.  You'll still find my reviews with other ladies on TER but my 200 individual reviews are gone. 


Is another review site popular in southern states, but I don't really use that.


TNA Board

Is popular in northern California, and surrounding areas.  I'm not very familiar with them either.



*You CAN'T ask about lewd or sexual acts.  That's a big no-no.  Learn what GFE means.  Although, you probably shouldn't even ask a provider if she is a GFE provider, but if she says she is, that should tell you something.  



Try googling your provider's email address, phone number, or stage name (just pick one thing).  See what she has to show she's legit.  Try searching mine, Freya Fantasia, or 6194085496.  You should see several ads and pornos pop up.  Some ladies want to be "under the radar", and you won't find a bunch or ads or reviews.  In this case, many clients use social media history to confirm legitimacy.  Someone who has had the same twitter acount for 5 years is probably not LE.  These days so many ladies don't want reviews.  I used to say, "If they don't have reviews go someplace else",  however I have met many good clients who don't read reviews.     


Reading reviews can help you avoid common problems like:


-The lady doesn't look like her photos anymore.

-The lady is not the model in the pictures at all.

-Upselling, You are asked to pay more money for what you assumed was included.

-Total rob/rip off by the lady or someone she works with. 

If it seems to good to be true, it probably is!  Oh, and since most providers know that it's illegal to sell lewd or sexual acts for money, if they openly claim to do this, beware.  It could be a trap.


I have screenshots of real reviews here on my website and links to my reviews on the different sites.  I'm proud to say that I've been one of the top 10 provider's on TER's top 100 list for both San Diego and Chicago for more than 7 years.  If I didn't love my guys, if I saw just anyone, I would never have been able to maintain such consistently high reveiws.  


Think about how you would feel if your mom, sister, daughter, or another woman you care about decided to work as an erotic model and meet privately with strangers.  Wouldn't you want her to make every effort to be safe?  And, what do YOU want?  Do you want to be with a professional model who has high standards and takes care of herself and so consequently has a positive attitude?  If so, then we might be a good match.  If proving to me that you are a gentleman and safe to see is too much of a hassle for you, then PLEASE GO ELSEWHERE.  

* I have no age or racial preferences!  

Some newbies make the mistake of thinking that because they are good-looking, I should want to see them, or maybe they think I won't want to see them if they aren't.  Let me assure you that what I find attractive in a man is reliability, respectability, and good hygiene.  I have no age or racial preferences (except I won't see 18-20 year olds, must be 21 or over).  When you meet me, you will know this is TRUE.  I LOVE my clients of all ages, races, and religions. 


Common newbie mistakes:


-Over communicating between appointments.  Really only setting up the appointment details should be discussed before or between meetings.  Everything else should be during a face to face conversation. 

-Haggling over rates. (I will NEVER agree to a lower amount)!

-Not respecting boundaries (having to be told "no" about ANYTHING more than once.  This includes during the screening and booking process).

-Staying too long after time is up.  It's okay to chat while you're getting ready, but STAY FOCUSED on getting ready. 

-Using a person hard for every minute.  That isn't typical.  It's like asking a food server for five soda refills during dinner.  

-Trying to "keep things going" after the time is up. This is like asking a food server for soda refills after the bill has been paid.  

-Canceling late or not showing up at all.  

Less common:

-Arriving late (more than 15 minutes).

-Poor hygiene.

-Disrespectful or rough conduct.


     *If I interpret any of your behavior as disrespectful or threatening, I will end the session and keep the money.  .

     *If I have to tell  you more than once that something was too hard or painful, I will end the session and keep your money. 

     If you want to try something you've seen that could be interpreted as rough or disrespectful, you NEED TO HAVE A CONVERSATION ABOUT THAT (face to face, not during screening and booking).  Try saying, "Is it okay if I ...."?  Followed by, "Please let me know if anything is ever too much".  You'll let me know that you know the difference between normal and beyond normal  and that you don't presume I will allow beyond normal activities.   

     Notice that I put these under "less common".  By far, most of my clients, both experienced and brand new, don't need this advice at all.


-Check my tour schedule.  Know when you want to meet and where.

-Check the rates and decide on a length of time.

-Check the entertainment ideas page for something new.

*Complete my appointment request form.

-If we've met before, just email or text me this information.

-If it's your first time to see me, and you are not a P411 or rs2k member, I WILL NEED A COPY  OF YOUR ID AND SELFIE.

-First (only) meeting in Chicago will require a deposit or discounted prepayment, unless you are a P411 member or an RS2K member for one year or longer).

-ALL MEETINGS ON TOUR will require a deposit or discounted prepayment.

-Usually when someone doesn't specifically say they want an out call, they want an in call meeting. 

-If someone doesn't specifically request something else like BDSM or Tantra, it's presumed that the meeting will be traditional.  


Pretty much everything else should be discussed face to face. 


-My place (IN CALL):

     Four out of five guys are fine.  Because 1/5 of my clients don't smell fresh, I will ask everyone to shower again upon arrival.  Too many times (so many times) someone's complained, "Really?  I just showered"... so we skipped it, and it wasn't okay.   So now I ask everyone to shower every time.  I have a hand held shower head so it's  easy and quick to use a GOOD AMOUNT of SOAP (a big handful) AND WATER, on the four areas:


THE PUBIC AREA above the cock



If you're in there anyways, why not just do it?  Don't even get me started about the guys who turn the shower on, bide their time in the bathroom, and come out stinking and unwashed!  Why?  

     Also,i f you don't wear deodorant then please wash your ARMPITS also WITH SOAP and apply deodorant at my house after your shower.  

     If you are concerned about smelling different later, bring some of  your own soap with you.  If you don't normally use soap there, well you should start. 

     I'm not just being a prude.  If my long hair gets in your body odor, then my next client will smell that on me.  That could negatively effect their fun time, and their opinion of me and my professionalism.  I'm not willing to do that.  In fact, if I smell anything other than soap, I will modify my activities.  

     I know this sounds weird and gross, but try rubbing a finger on those four areas I mentioned.  Really give them a good rub, and smell your fingers.  Some of you will be very surprised at how not fresh it gets, and how fast, or how much using soap and not just water makes a difference.  


-Your place (OUT CALL) : 

Please SHOWER RIGH BEFORE our meeting, using a good amount of SOAP on your cock, balls, pubic area above your cock, butt, and underarms.  Use deodorant.


Okay, enough!  I'm sure you get it. 

(But do you...)?




I promise I will always be fresh from the shower!  I do the finger-rub test frequently.  In the hotels during out calls I have a quick and easy way of washing and rinsing (wipes followed by rinsing with cups of warm water) that won't take up much of  your time.  


Set the money down in an obvious place when you first come in.  Make sure I see it. Don't make me ask for it because you put it in some other room.  Even if you've been here many times, I want to get it at the BEGINNING. 

I was ripped off by someone I'd seen a couple of times when I didn't get the money first.  I will count it.  I read on one of the boards that some guys think that's rude, that it's too business-like to count the money.  Well, this IS my business.  And maybe some people haven't been ripped off by someone they trusted.  Besides, it is part of my routine.  When I don't get it first, we can both forget very easily.


What does GFE mean?  It means "Girlfriend Experience" and the definition is clearly understood among people in the hobby.  If you don't know what it means, ask me in person or do some research.  

What does PSE mean:  It means porn star experience.  The definition is DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE, and yet everyone is certain THEY know what it really means. No, they don't.  They can't know.  Even if there is a true definition, if 10 people think it means 10 different things, how can the question, "Do you offer PSE" be reliable?  Don't ask this.

And really, both imply sex acts, so don't ask.  



I hope my website has helped you have a better understanding of how things work.   Now that TER is back, please take advantage of their many discussion boards to learn more, including a newbie's board, a legal board, local boards, meet and greets around the country, a humor board, a senior board, and more.  I don't participate on the TER boards because I feel like there is an overabundance of disrespect for the ladies and the profession there that has really disappointed me.  I think you can still find my old posts if you go to a specific board and search my name, Freya Fantasia. It's a good tool for newbies, but hold yourself to a higher standard and don't look down on providers, OR YOURSELF because of participation in this hobby.  


If we are not a good match at this time, don't take it personally.   Instead of just ignoring newbies and people who make communication errors, I'm trying to explain how things work. I hope you will try to learn from my website, begin to verify models by reading reviews and doing other research, have fun safely, and come back to see me once you have gained some experience.  

If you've actually been blocked, you'll have to move on. But if you learn the things I've written about on this page, you'll find many more doors open to you in the future. 



Thank you so much for taking the time to read through my VERY LONG etiquette and screening page.  If you still have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.



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Man at his Desk
Basketball Player on Wheelchair
Romantic Picnic Couple
Video Consultation
Trendy Young Man

My favorite clients are experienced in the hobby, or at least well-informed prior to contacting me.  They are polite and respectful!  (And they smell nice).  All adults of this type are welcome here!  

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