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When you're ready to book your FIRST appointment, please complete the appointment request form at the bottom of the page. 


Just email or text for your subsequent appointments!  

My assistant, Daphne, will reply and help you with screening, booking, and availability.

-Items on the appointment request form with an "*" must be completed before you can submit the form. 


-Please plan ahead.  I am usually not available for same day appointments. 


-When I'm on tour it might take up to 72 hours to reply. You can try sending a text also to ask for a quick turnaround. 




-Double check your email address for typos on your appointment request form. 

-Check your junk mail for my reply to your appointment request!  

There can be challenges on our end... 

-Clients can have the same or similar names.  

-Clients sometimes use several different names or use multiple emails and phone numbers.

-Clients can have very similar requests.

-There might be multiple email threads, texts, and pms regarding one appointment.  Keeping communication in one place can be helpful.

-Periodic wifi in hotels creates all kinds of problems, like delaying emails and combining emails from several people on one thread!

-Some hotels block TER and P411.

These things happen all the time and it can be challenging and confusing. It might seem like we aren't paying attention, or we don't care, but we are and we do, so please be patient and don't take it personally!  And definitely send a second message if it's been 24-48 hours.  I will never just not reply to anyone.  Even if I say, "we aren't a good match", I'll tell the person why so they can learn from the mistake.


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