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My assistant will reply and help you with screening, booking, and availability.


Please plan ahead.  I am often not available for same day appointments, and on tour sometimes we don't replay to appointment requests for two or three days at a time. You can try sending a text also to ask for a quick turn around. 


If you've completed an appointment request form and you are waiting for a reply, please:  


-Double check your email address for typos on your appointment request form.  Replies to the appointment request form don't generate an error message like a regular email.  So if you accidentally write .vom instead of .com, I'll think we are done and you'll still be waiting.

-Check your junk mail for my reply to your appointment request!  The appointment request form is repetetive and often goes to junk mail.      

-Send another message.  Sometimes messages get lost, or accidentally deleted.

 If we get confused about the details of your request, please don't take it personally.  Keep in mind that we have a lot of similar requests for many different cities.  Often clients have the same names as each other, or a client might use two different names, numbers, and email addresses.  There might be multiple email threads, pms and texts regarding one appointment.  Hotel wifi can make all kinds of weird things happen, like combining email threads from different people and delaying emails.  I've been in several hotels that have blocked p411 and TER somehow. These things happen all the time and it can be very confusing. It might seem like we aren't paying attention or we don't care, but that's not what's happening.   


*FYI, I won't ignore you, but I choose to not reply to messages that just say, "Hey" or "What's up", "Hi Freya", "Available now", "Rates", etc.  I expect people to introduce themselves and tell me why they contacted me.  Lewd and sexual talk results in being blocked, no second chances.

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