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Kinky photos, videos, and instruction

1.5 hours and up


Always remember, no matter who you are with or what you are doing (BDSM or not), to START OFF SLOWLY AND INCREASE GRADUALLY.  Err on the side of caution when experimenting with a stranger.  Encourage your partner to give feedback.  Once you're told about a limit, you should NEVER have to be told twice.  

Be comfortable expressing your own likes and dislikes.  Everyone is different and it's important for us to speak up.   


*IF YOU EVER SURPRISE ME BY HURTING ME , IF YOU SCARE ME WHEN I'M NOT EXPECTING IT, IF HAVEN'T GIVEN PERMISSION FOR THAT, OR IF I HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT LIMITS MORE THAN ONCE, I COULD END OUR SESSION AND KEEP THE MONEY.  If my SECOND WARNING is ignored or forgotten, the third time you will be going home, FOR SURE, and no amount of apologizing or begging will change my mind.   




BDSM is a pretty cool acronym that stands for six words, not four:

Bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism and masochism.

Normally one person (the Top) is in control of the other (the bottom).  Tops and bottoms play together.  Dominants and submissives are people in a relationship.  A switch is a person who enjoys both roles.  I'm a switch.

So many fun things fall under the BDSM umbrella!


Resist the temptation to tell me all about your experience.  I will ask you what I want to know. 


When you request a BDSM session, you'll be sent a very detailed questionnaire (always available) and possibly some fun pre-appointment instructions (if you book at least a few days in advance), so your adventure will begin right away.  If you don't receive these, please ask for them.  If you don't specifically ask for BDSM or a role play, I will expect to do a traditional meeting. 


Here are a few things we can play with:




Sensation play (tickling, feathers, whartenburg wheel, scratching, ice, hot wax, etc.)

Punishment (whipping, flogging, spanking, caning)

Being objectified


Foot fetish

Cross-dressing and sissification 



Sensory deprivation 


There is something for EVERYONE in this arena!  People who say, "That is just not for me", in my opinion, don't realize just what a broad spectrum there is under the BDSM umbrella. They are throwing the proverbial baby out with the bath water. I will even go so far as to say that all sophisticated lovers should incorporate some aspects of BDSM into their love-making at some times, at least!  Even with a so-called vanilla partner, there will be times when a little extra playful or intense will be quite nice.  


Images of tops dishing out severe and painful punishment is why many people feel BDSM is not for them.  They don't see anything erotic about pain and they just don't "get it".  There are definitely real sadists and masochists in the world, but most BDSM participants don't identify as those.  You don't need to like pain to have fun with this.   Personally, I think that a little bit of pain is intriguing and useful.  It really helps to make the bottom feel that the top is in control.    It adds intensity and focus to the scene.  It creates a bond between the top and bottom as the bottom becomes dependent on the top, striving harder to please, feeling trustful, and being more appreciative of the rewards the top will give.  It can be erotic and exciting in the right amounts.


In addition to the questionnaire, when we meet I will tell you exactly how you can communicate with me so we can reach the right level of intensity for you.  Just be honest and don't suffer through what's not right for you.  ​



Whatever FANTASY you might want to act out, it is OKAY! We are adults and this is how adults play.  Some people feel like they need to say "step" in front of parent and child in a taboo role play and that pretend ages must be over 18 for moral issues, or that there's something wrong with someone who wants to try a rape fantasy.  I DON'T.  Not anymore.  We are PRETENDING. 



Some or all of these might be important to you:

-The ages of the players; young, teen, or adult.

-The level of experience; innocent or experienced.

-Who will have the power in the role play. 

-Where will the power come from?  Seduction, blackmail, bribe, or manipulation?  Maybe (pretend) drugs, intoxication or amnesiacs, hypnosis or magic. 

Hint:  If you're not feeling sure of yourself, let me be the person in control the first time.

-You can say, do, or be anything you want to.  You don't have to always agree with me.  If you resist, I can work around it.

-Pick a role play theme.



My assistant or I will send a message like this to you if you requested a role play:

"First, check out the Mistress Freya's page on my website for role play ideas.  Then, once you have an idea, hold onto it until the day before our meeting when you get the meeting address.  I am anxious to hear your idea, but I will forget it if you send this too soon.  Sending it the day before our meeting reminds me that you want a role play and keeps it fresh in my mind.

Please limit your request to 3-5 sentences.  It seems to work best with fewer details.  Don't include dialogue.  Don't say anything lewd or sexual.  Do include key phrases and details like, "call yourself Mommy a lot", "call me Boy", or, "force me to do things when I hesitate".  Do include descriptions that imply the level of intensity, for example, "Mistress Freya should punish me hard and without mercy", or, "I hope Aunt Freya will be nurturing and understanding with me'." 




-Teacher accuses student of cheating or other misconduct (blackmail)

-Either might suspect sexual attraction and seduce or give a push with a threat or a bribe

-A student can negotiate for a higher grade (seduction) or blackmail (fake photos or fake accusations). 


-Blackmail, accused of making a huge error, real or falsely accused, inconvenient, expensive, or criminal.

-A promotion might depend on if you're really ready and willing to go that extra mile, with employer or also with clients.

-Job interviews, threats of hiring someone else or seduction.


-Blackmail, bribe, or seduction.

-Nudists, enjoy shocking and seducing, maybe force the neighbor to admit they've been watching


-Mommy-son, Aunt Freya-nephew, Daddy-daughter, Brother-sister

-"Sleep in Mommy's bed while daddy is gone", "Come rub sunscreen on Aunt Freya's back, wait, WHAT IS THAT"!?!

-Sex education, intoxication or amnesiac drugs can be (pretend) given, hypnosis, or something might happen accidentally and innocently. 


-Can be intense, interrogation even torture, in another country, falsely accused to trap the person, or not.

-Spies can be seductive with a double cross, maybe talk your way out of it eventually or be forced to betray your country.

-Hypnosis or (pretend) drugs, wake up restrained


-Personal rights are likely violated.

-Can also be intense, interrogation even torture, in another country, falsely accused to trap the person, or not.  Tortured until they admit their guilt, or not. 

-Warden needs a personal helper.  Can be cruel or not.  Better than "gen-pop" or not.  


-There can be a referral for sexual misconduct at work, real or falsely accused.

-Taking advantage of patient, sedation, or restraints, or just lying about what's necessary and why.

-You might volunteer for a paid study overseen by a sadistic nurse or doctor.


-Simple seduction, or housewife is unable to pay for necessary repairs.


-Wife enjoys seeing other men and plenty of them.  Hear about her escapades. Or invite another man and be forced to watch and hear about how a real man does it. 


-This time you're allowed to touch, can be blackmail or bribe or not

-too much to drink or drugged.

-You might be forced to pay your debts by working as a stripper, being disrespected by women.


-We can act like we are on camera.  I can hire a videographer (you would be responsible for the bill and a deposit would be required) and you can have an actual video of our time together. 

-Or set up your own lights and cameras.  Be producer, director, and/or actor.

-Be forced to work off your debt by being a porn star or force another.


-Or cowboys and indians, kidnapper and victim.

-Pirates don't care about being proper.

-Made into a slave.


-Do you have one of those friends who always gets the girl, or who's a little too smug?  This time you get the girl while I ignore that guy.  You can pick me up at the bar, or I'll pick you up.  I'll make it obvious that you're the one I want.  Available off the clock before a 2H appointment or longer.


-Come for a routine inspection, or I'm in trouble for too many false alarms.  Just wanted to see you?  Or messing up with a new alarm system?  "Please not a fine..."


-See how much the masseuse can get away with, or drinking too much before the massage at a resort.


-House guest hides and spies a masturbation session, or another guy can come for a three way.


-Servant brings wine, feeds, bathes, and massages the other.  Anything else that might be requested.

-Trained to be a slave.  Kind or cruel.


-Similar to above.  A newly aquired slave can be trained in the art of servitude.


-Pose nude for the sake of art, or for ulterior reasons.  The artist or model can become aroused unexpectedly, or maybe it was all part of a plan.


-Customer might be drunk or just an entitled jerk.  Might ask for things not typically expected with room service, like washing his back in the tub, or maybe he has a new cast and needs help with more shocking things.

-The maid can be seductive or in need of extra money. 



I entertain most fetishes.  Let me know what your fetish might be.  Don't ask for anything sexual or illegal.  You can carefully explain to me what your fetishes are without asking for it.  Almost aways, discussing lewd or sexual acts just isn't necessary.






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