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Private Delights

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Ever since someone on twitter told me about Private Delights several months ago, I have been liking that site more and more. Do you guys use it? What other sites are you using these days?

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Private Delights is a great, "one stop shop" to facilitate the provider/client relationship!

It is ultimately the sole service I use to, 1) Locate a provider, 2) Begin the research of that provider, and 3) Receive contact information for the provider.

I do use many other sites as part of my research process, but only after I've first located her on PD.

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Your site is very nice and you are a beautiful woman. Red heads scare me, its a former gf, ex thing. But always a fan of beautiful women.

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Nice sunglasses and protecting those eyes a MUST!!!!...Terry(Twitter)

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I've signed up for it and I do have an account on it but I haven't been able to utilize it a whole lot. I just don't have the time or the finances to be able to go forward with it

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I just joined after seeing your blog. Still working on my profile.

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