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        Tantric Healing

HELLO, and thanks for coming to check me out!

I LOVE WHAT I DO! Hey, if there's one thing I want you to take away from my website, it's the knowledge that I really do LOVE what I do, and you will be more than welcome if you come to see me!  I feel like I was born to be a provider, seriously.  I worried my parents by writing, “When I grow up I want to be a playboy bunny” in my 2nd grade!!! I'm a natural entertainer.

I DO THIS BECAUSE I WANT TO...I graduated college with honors and worked for many years at a job I loved making what most people would consider to be decent money.  I am not trying to brag. I’m just saying I choose to do this work because I really like it.In fact, I am working at a civillian job now, so I am limited to 1 or 2 modeling jobs per week.  I also have a 1.5H/500 minimum because of this.

NEWBIES:  I wrote this website with the newbie in mind.  I'm very selective about who I see.  That's why I love this work because I only see the best guys.  So please don't take it personally that I want you to prove it to me that you are someone I want to see.  If you are new, please read my etiquette and screening page.  If you're not, you can scroll through the headings and read what interests you.

MEET AND GREETS IN SAN DIEGO: I'm moving to Chicago and these will be on hold for now.

SAN DIEGO: Is my home base.  

CHICAGO: Will be my new home beginning 11/1/2020.


AGE: 50

BIRTHDAY:  April 2nd




HAIR: To the waist, Red

EYES: Extraordinarily bright blue (or so people say)

I'm a natural redhead and I don't wear contact lenses.  People ask me these two questions pretty much every day, so in case you're wondering... 




ROLE PLAYING (See Mistress Freya page)

DOUBLES with another woman or man

COUPLES are no extra charge!

SWINGERS CLUB: 800/2H and up, when available

BDSM (Mistress Freya page)

PHOTOS AND VIDEO: always allowed for your personal use!

2 HOUR DINNER DATE SPECIAL: Dinner off the clock followed by 2 hours, 700 and up.

REVIEWS:  Top 10 provider on TER top 100 list! See screenshots on my website.

REFERENCES REQUIRED Details can be found on my ettiquette and screening page.

Whatever it is that you're looking for, I think you'll find it right here with me.

GUARANTEES: I look like my photos and I will not be intoxicated.  Unless we make plans to party together, I will be straight. 

CC: Cc payments accepted. 


THANKS SO MUCH for visiting.  I hope you enjoy my website. 



-Freya Fantasia                         




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