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Freya Fantasia


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Welcome, Sweetheart!


Thanks so much for taking a peek at my website! 


You'll find my some recent photos at the bottom of this page, but there are many more on twitter.




There's a lot of information on my website, so scroll through the headings and skip what doesn't interest you.

Ettiquette and Manners:


If you are new, PLEASE read my etiquette and screening page.  I am very selective about who I see.  


Freya Fantasia


Yes, that's me! You might recognize me from some of my videos.  I've done a little porn (I'm in better shape now).  You can do a search for me on, or do a google search for my name.  Others have used my name and photos, but I'm the real Freya Fantasia.



Age: 49

Birthay: April 2nd

Height: 5 ' 7 ""

Weight: 135

Measurements: 36D-27-37

Hair: Natural strawberry blonde.  My hair is lighter now, See photos below

Eyes: Very bright blue



I enjoyed school, especially science.  I graduated college with honors.  I worked for many years in a field that I loved before I became an erotic model 10 years ago. I love this work too! I'm a model and actress because that's what I want to be, not because that's what I have to be.  

When I was introduced to this new career, it was so exciting!  I never thought I could be a desirable model.  And I certainly never imagined it would become a way of life, my sole source of income, and the successful business it has become.  I' wanted to be really good at this.  I also wanted to understand and entertain all kinds of people.  So I read all of the books and watched all of the movies I could find on sex and adult entertainment, I worked with professionals and took classes.  But most of what I''ve learned, I''ve learned from my lovers.  

Whether you are strictly traditional or wildly experimental, whether you want a somewhat passive partner or someone who takes over, you can choose me to be your companion with confidence.   


*Most requests are for a traditional GFE meeting. So don't let it worry you that I branch out into other areas.  And unless you specify otherwise, I'll assume you are traditional as well.


Warning About Drugs


*I Am Not A Party Girl. But I want you to have the time of your life. I keep a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages here for your pleasure. I also have information about viagra, pot,  shrooms, and possibly ecstasy, so please ask if you have questions.  If you want to smoke (cigarettes or pot), you are welcome to smoke outside or in my garage.

Do Not Bring Cocaine, Crystal Meth, or Heroine. If you bring these, I'll end the session.  I'm not judging you, and I'm sure you can find providers who will be comfortable with this.  It's just been my experience that those drugs don't enhance, but rather interfere too much with intimacy.  



*I will look like my photos, with my hair (lighter now) and make-up always done, wearing attractive lingerie, just like in the photos.  


*I will not be intoxicated.


If you feel like I don't look like my photos, or if I seem intoxicated, there will be no cancellation fee if you want to cancel. 


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I've been a redhead all my life. Just recently I decided to go a few shades lighter.