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Thanks so much for taking a peek at my website! 


You'll find my some recent photos at the bottom of this page, but there are many more on twitter.





There's a lot of information here, so scroll through the headings and skip what doesn't interest you.



If you are new, PLEASE read my etiquette and screening page.  I am very selective about who I see.  If there are any red flags during the screening process, we won't meet.  Even if you don't see me, reading this page will help you understand how to keep yourself safe, and what ladies are looking for in general..




Yes, that's me! You might recognize me from some of my videos.  I've done a little porn (I'm in better shape now).  You can do a search for me on, or do a google search for my name.  Others have used my name and photos, but I'm the real Freya Fantasia.




Age: 49

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 135

Measurements: 36C-27-37

Hair: Natural redhead, strawberry blonde to red

Eyes: Very bright blue

I stay fit by riding my bike, walking on the beach with my dogs, weight training, swimming, and my favorite; belly dancing. I'm always within 5 pounds of my ideal weight, 135.



I graduated college with honors.  I majored in Accounting for two years before I embraced  my love of science and went in a different educational and professional direction (I prefer to not disclose my career choice here).  I worked for many years in a field I felt honored to be a part of before I became an erotic model 9 years ago. But I love this work just as much! I'm a model and actress because that's what I want to be, not because that's what I have to be.  

I have had ongoing formal education in all types of adult entertainment like BDSM, role playing, and all other types of kinky fun. I'm a Tantric Priestess (title I was given upon graduating).  Most requests are for GFE.  I am ambitious, and I am a perfectionist.  This is what I do, so I want to be the best at it that I can be.  I want to make you feel like the king of the world. I like all kinds of people, and regardless of what you are looking for, I think you'll find it right here with me!  Exceeding your expectations is very important to me.  






* I to keep a variety of beer, wine, cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages here for your pleasure. If you want something specific, please bring it with you. I am NOT a party girl.  If you want to smoke (cigarettes or pot), you are welcome to smoke outside or in my garage. Ask me about other mind-altering drugs.  I'm comfortable with some, but not with others. If you bring cocaine, crystal meth, or heroine, and I know about it, I'll end the session.  But we can explore other options together.



*I will look like my photos (hair and make-up done, wearing attractive lingerie).

*I will not be intoxicated.


If you feel like I don't look like my photos, or if I seem intoxicated, there will be no cancellation fee if you want to cancel. Don't worry. I do look like my photos and I won't be intoxicated (unless we make plans to party together).


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